Pilot Program

Direct2Market uses a pilot program to test how we can best work together. Our methodology is designed to test concepts, develop benchmarks and streamline processes for our partnership with you. Using our proven business process outsourcing model, we identify whether a strategy will work for you before we implement it, decreasing your financial exposure.

The key to successful implementation is testing and constant improvement. Our pilot program lets us launch your products, evaluate market response, test new concepts and more. We work with you to develop your pilot program before you commit to a major marketing test. Once we’ve proven how D2M can impact your return on investment, we can structure and build out a comprehensive program to meet your budget.

In a limited amount of time you will have the opportunity to gauge our services, management team and program results. We are confident it will lead to a long-term relationship for BPO solutions that will greatly benefit your business.

Test-drive our services with a D2M pilot program

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The flexibility and scalability of our i2i system allows us to implement a pilot program in as few as three to five business days. We recommend a minimum of 160 hours for a lead generation program, 320 hours for an appointment-setting program and 480 hours for a telesales program. We derive key benchmarks to determine a program’s viability, and you have complete program visibility for reporting. Where allowed by law, we record our telesales calls to replay for your critique and refinement. This process ensures that we are positioning your brand in the manner you desire.