Reporting and Measurement: Analytics

One of the most critical components of your program is that you will have real-time data at your fingertips. This information is extracted from the database and presented in comprehensive reports. D2MSS maintains a proprietary systems architecture designed to provide you with real-time online reporting. The reporting interface is a dashboard of your program’s key benchmarks and statistics from the calling activity conducted and data captured. In addition, our suite of reports includes lead distribution and sales cycle follow-up reporting, script analysis and source reporting for inquiry management programs.

Inbound customer service, sales, order processing and inquiry management programs are managed through our VoIP platform, providing call statistics in any time increment, or by type of call, call outcome or other delineation.

D2M uses this intelligence data to identify market trends, and analyze campaign and list performance, territory performance and additional factors. The information also allows us to craft recommendations for our clients that can enhance performance of any initiative.

The powerful tools provided through i2i, and by using scoring and modeling techniques, gives us the opportunity to enhance segmentation and prioritization of acquisition or retention programs.

D2M reporting screenshots