Sales and Marketing Consulting

At Direct2Market, we stand behind our work and are committed to delivering a high-quality product that drives sales for our clients. To accomplish this goal, we invest our sales and marketing expertise and use best practices. Unlike other lead generation companies, we don’t charge for this expertise. Instead, we believe that if we show you proven strategies and new ideas that impact your return on investment, then you’ll do more with us, and we’ll grow the relationship together. We strive to be a sales and/or marketing extension for our clients by integrating our teams with your existing staff. Essentially, we become a seamless component of your strategy. D2M provides complete metrics disclosure, call recording review where available and straightforward feedback. We believe this is the best way to continually improve your sales and marketing campaign.

Our process starts with a discovery session to understand how you are going to market today, as well as your goals and objectives. From this session, we assess challenges and opportunities. We then determine what strategy and process is best given market conditions, value proposition, brand and other factors. We tie this together with best practices from a diverse client experience base and begin to build out the strategy for success. Inherent in our design of your initiative is building in inspection points and success criteria targets to measure and analyze. With the information gathered in our proprietary technology platform, i2i, we fine-tune the process to achieve optimal results.