Our state-of-the-art contact center is staffed with highly trained telesales professionals whose mission is to drive sales for your products and services. D2MSS uses a unique protocol for communicating with potential clients that is proven to motivate them to take action. Our philosophy is that it’s not a sales call unless it leads to a sale, and our closing techniques maximize that probability.

Telesales, like any good sales process, involves relationship-building and in-depth knowledge of the product. We use a consultative approach to gain an understanding of your prospect’s pain points. Only then can our telesales representatives know what is required to address those issues. Once we assure prospects that you have the solution to their problems, they become your clients.

We design telesales campaigns for businesses with products and services requiring a complex sales process. Our end-to-end approach leverages proposals, demonstrations, digital media delivery and follow-through on the sales cycle to ensure that the prospect or customer sees the value in your product or service.

Our staff is well educated and extensively trained in the business-to-business sales skills necessary to reach decision-makers and nurture them from initial contact to close. Staff members are specifically recruited internally and externally, and trained to meet the needs of your business.

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